“By introducing real-world collateral, Atomix makes an evolutionary step in DeFi lending where the predominant collateral is currently cryptocurrency.” – Humayun Sheikh, Co-Founder, Atomix

Supply Stablecoins – Receive a Competitive Yield.

Atomix enables stablecoin holders to supply liquidity and receive a yearly yield composed of protocol-generated returns and ATMX rewards. That yield is highly competitive compared to returns delivered by decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional alternatives.

Competitive Returns

Supplying stablecoin liquidity to Atomix entitles providers to protocol-generated returns.

Generous ATMX Rewards

In addition to the protocol-generated returns, USDT Liquidity Providers receive ATMX governance tokens as rewards.

Low Risk

The Atomix protocol manages a pool of ATMX and USDT to ensure that Liquidity Providers receive their original liquidity.

Withdraw Capital at Any Time

Liquidity Providers can withdraw their stablecoins at any time – 24/7/365.

Borrow Stablecoins – Use Real-World Assets As Collateral.

The Atomix lending protocol provides a bridge between secured real-world assets and decentralized finance. It enables Borrowers to tokenize the security taken over real-world assets and use it as collateral for borrowing stablecoin loans.

Competitive Borrowing Rates

Gain access to capital at rates typically available only to larger entities thanks to DeFi liquidity and cryptocurrency-based incentives.

Attractive Loan-to-Value Ratio

Depending on the volatility of the secured asset, the LTV ratio can be highly competitive.

The Only Capital Pool You Need

Finance your projects by acquiring all the capital you need from a single source – Atomix.

DeFi Flexibility

No early repayment fees and the ability to add more assets at any time.

User-Friendly Online Interface

Manage all your secured assets in a single web-accessible interface.

Cryptographic Certainty

You can access capital as soon as security is taken over your asset and your ACT token is minted.

How Does Atomix Work?

A short explainer video demonstrating how the different user types interact with the Atomix lending protocol.

Who is Atomix for?

Liquidity Providers

Stablecoin holders can supply liquidity to the Atomix protocol and receive protocol-generated returns and rewards.

Watch a short explainer video.


Atomix is sector agnostic. An early target are Borrowers seeking secured lines of credit but who have difficulty sourcing finance from traditional sources in the credit market.

Watch a short explainer video.

Types of Funding

Examples of Atomix Loan Originators and secured assets for use as collateral.

Real Estate Finance

The popularity of non-bank short-term real estate lending has grown over the past 10 years as a consequence of the Global Financial Crisis. However, real estate finance is typically a low-risk opportunity, fully secured by the real estate asset.

Equity Finance

Equities-based lending involves using securities as collateral for a loan. This financing method provides working capital to small-cap companies in the US and UK markets and other well-regulated equity markets around the world.

Inventory Finance

Inventory financing is a form of financing that involves a loan made to a company, manufacturer, or supplier, in which purchase orders, stock, and warehouse receipts can serve as the collateral for the underlying loan.

Music Royalties Finance

Royalty financing allows music creators to receive advances secured against  their future royalties from PROs, music publishers, as well as record labels and distributors. Music royalties represent an attractive new investment opportunity for both funders and investors.

Cash Flow Finance

Cash flow financing is a form of financing in which a loan made to a company is secured by a company’s expected cash flows. The generated cash flow is used as a means to pay back the loan.

Tax Receivables Finance

Tax receivables financing provides a working capital bridge to loans secured against tax refunds. This is a short-term financing solution based on monetizing business’ tax receivables.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain financing helps companies improve their short-term cash needs by pledging their receivables as security, in return for an injection of cash.

Trade Credit Finance

A feature of short-term business finance is the widespread use of trade credit as collateral in borrowing, especially when it regards small and medium-sized firms. The aim is to guarantee the working capital finance to support the trading of goods and services.

Plant, Equipment, and Machinery Finance

Business owners use their equipment to secure loans and pay them back after earning from the business operations they could pursue.

What Makes Atomix Different?


The Atomix protocol is designed to enable the tokenization of secured real-world assets. Once an asset has been valued and security taken over it, an Atomix Collateral Token (ACT) is minted evidencing that secured asset. The ACT can then be deposited with the protocol and used as collateral for borrowing stablecoins.

If a Borrower breaches the terms of its loan, steps will be taken to enforce the security and assets may be sold to recover amounts owed to the protocol. The LTV ratio is set to provide as much certainty as possible that upon enforcement of the security the Borrower’s assets will realise the amounts owed to the protocol.


Borrowers pay interest on their flexible loans to the Atomix protocol.

Atomix incorporates token-based incentivization, stablecoin liquidity, and an innovative system to deliver a competitive yield for Liquidity Providers.


The smart contracts including the underlying asset values and loan details are readily available and verifiable via the Atomix interface and the underlying blockchain.

The protocol generates trust by ensuring that all borrowing is secured against sufficient collateral at all times.

How Does Atomix Work?